Zapwork: Resume in augmented reality!

I have and avid interest for new technologies. I’m always looking for new products, new communication channels. Few months ago, I heard about the use of augmented reality to promote brands and products. This new marketing and communication technical provoke the attention of more and more companies. Nintendo / Niantic confirmed this new trend thanks to Pokemon Go, which has been downloaded 50,000,000 times in less than a month, 7 days to reach 10,000,000 downloads, and players used the app 43 minutes per day.


I decided to learn how to create content in AR, but it was quite complicated and there was not a lot of tutorial about that. One day, I found Zappar, an app which read AR code. I took a look to their website, and I discovered that we could create our own AR content online. I tried it, and I was surprised how easy it was to create an AR business card on their website. I wanted to deal with this in depth, and I discovered they offer a software to create accomplished custom AR content. It was harder to use, so I tried to learn the greatest number of tools of the software. Then, I began to use it for a school challenge with Transdev. I pretend to have created a new social network in AR thanks to the bus card. People could scan they bus card thanks to Zappar (which was integrated in the Transdev app), and they found their profile in 3D, they could play games in AR etc… That was a great experience, and we won the price of the most innovative communication.




I realized that If I can “sell” promote a brand thanks to this technology, why not using it to promote myself ?


My goal is to get the attention of great digital companies (like Google, Snapchat, Facebook, Ubisoft, Amazon etc…). That was relevant to use AR. I began to work on my resume, to show to companies who I am, what I did, what I do and what I want. I spend 3 entire days and nights to get the best UI and UX I can. (Download Zappar, and watch my resume :D)



Now, I’m crossing my fingers to get answers from the companies I’m looking for ! I want to thanks the Zappar team to have shared my resume !

If you want to help me, share my resume on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc… to increase my chances !


Victorien Defosse

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