Trends Book 2021 from KPMG

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The birth of the first Trends Book

2020 was a very strange year for everyone. People had to deal with a global and brutal issue: Covid-19 crisis. Deep dive into an unknown era where humans must adapt themselves to new ways of working and new ways of living. We faced lockdowns, the spread of remote working, loneliness for some, success for others… And that crisis has accentuated or brought to light other problems. Environmental, social or ethical issues: as much to say that this period will not leave the world untouched.

At KPMG Innovation Lab, we were at that time in full remote working and our missions had been put on standby. No time for complaining, we immediately found new ways to collaborate between us and our clients. Through our researches, we noticed how important it was to take a step back to understand what we were living and what we were really looking for as new solutions for companies. We were interested in what had brought us to this point. Because we were totally facing New Realities. Thanks to many studies and interviews, we wrote a book called “New Realities 2020” that gather all our researches into trends.

A new approach for Trends Book 2021

We were proud to get very good feedbacks. It was our first trends book so we definitely made mistakes. But we clearly noticed that KPMG employees and some of our partners we really interested about our approaches. So we decided to repeat our work for 2021 (as many new changes would appear) but in a more rigorous approach. First of all, we conducted our own researches once again. But we decided to include KPMG employees as well as our clients and our strategic partners throughout our thinking process. We identified 5 pillars to begin our collective work: the Green part, Tech part, Experience part, Collaborative part and Ethical part. After that we organized several ideation workshop and think tanks with different clients and partners from different industries to collect and go through every aspects of our pillars. Thanks to Mural, we managed to get really interesting group dynamics.

As our participants were from different industries and at different levels, it allows us to collect very versatile point of views. That was very rich discussions! At the same time, we continued to interview experts from different sectors. Once we have gathered all inputs we needed, we had to carry a heavy analysis, synthesis and writing work to structure our argument. Fortunately, we were working with Entrecom, a communication agency, on that topic.

Trends Book 2021 is out!

Trends Book 2021 from KPMG Innovation Lab

This is how our Trends Book 2021 appeared! Our book is about:

  • Tech Economy: With its decentralized infrastructures, mobile networks, cross-channel solutions cross-channel solutions and responsible technologies, the tech economy is building a global and sustainable value creation model at the heart of the reconstruction economy.
  • Green Economy: Because it makes it possible to anticipate the scarcity of resources, consumer expectations and the transformation of uses, the green revolution is establishing itself as a model of competitiveness at the heart of the reconstruction economy.
  • Experience Economy: Twenty-three years ago, economists Joseph Pine and James Gilmore defined a new category of goods structuring the economy, alongside products and services: experience. According to the recent UN report “Future possibilities”, the economy resulting from the sharing and trading of experiences should represent 6.5 trillion dollars in the world in 2025.
  • Collaborative Economy: In order to respond to the ever-increasing number of expectations and uses, companies are multiplying their partners and building their loyalty. It is up to them to make this “extended enterprise” a model of competitiveness based on new frameworks of intermediation, competition and co-construction.
  • Ethical Economy: In just a few years, ethical commitment has gone from a pioneering and proactive approach to an economic model that federates new uses, differentiates offerings and rallies militant or visionary investors. This “ethical economy” is reshaping not only the strategies of its offerings but also its governance and management around the values of inclusiveness, solidarity and responsibility.

To communicate around our book, we decided to launch it during the Viva Technology event between the 16th and the 19th of June. This is the european biggest innovation exhibition so it was for us the best way to make it visible.

Summarize trends through Motion Design

In addition, we decided to edit motion design videos to summarize the Trends Book as well as each pillars. Check this out just below (french vocals / english subtitles)!

KPMG Innovation Lab Trends Book 2021 – Summary
KPMG Innovation Lab Trends Book 2021 – Green Economy
Trends Book 2021 – Tech Economy
KPMG Innovation Lab Trends Book 2021 – Collaborative Economy
KPMG Innovation Lab Trends Book 2021 – Ethical Economy
KPMG Innovation Lab Trends Book 2021 – Experience Economy

Are interested to read our Trends Book 2021? Just click below! (Only french version)

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