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Hello ✌️ I’m Victorien Defosse, an entrepreneur addicted to new products, tools and design. I build things and I help companies building new products and services.



Discover Unboared

🎮 Unboared: 2.0 Board Games

Unboared is a new way to play your favorite board games with people you love. Just pick your phone(s), your computer or a TV and play together to +100 games. Come on, test it! (Still in demo, we hardly working to build the product that will gather people)


I build

I build content…

…through videos 🎥

I love creating videos for my personal use and for clients. I do motion design, I record and I edit videos. I worked for big companies like Accenture, KPMG and Givaudan but also for small companies like Fumée, Swiper or Blueberry.


I share tools & inspirations

I share tools & inspirations

Ta Dose Medias 💡

Discovering new tools and new inspirations is a real passion. But I much prefer to share my finds instead of keeping it for myself. That’s why I created « Ta Dose ». It’s composed of small medias specialized in different fields (Ta Dose Crea for creativity and design, Ta Dose Inno for innovation, Ta Dose Gaming for… I think you get the idea). The principle is simple: concrete information and concrete tools each week in a relaxed tone.




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Let’s discuss

Let’s discuss

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